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Barrage is a Weapon Damage Multiplier (WDM) projectile attack that is available at level 6 on the Amazon Bow devotion tree. Barrage is often the main Early Game skill used by Bowzons due to it's large area-of-effect and high potential for single target damage. It is often used as close-mid range dps in conjunction with wyrmshot for longer range dps in the end game.

Barrage can be one of the highest single target damage skills in the game if one is able to consecutively fire several barrages and then have a monster stand directly at the point where the barrages were fired from. This can be accomplished in several ways: One way is to simply shoot and lure the monster into the barrage. Another way is to have the boss jump onto you. This technique is useful for many bosses such as Kabraxis and Belial, which both use Pounce.

Amazon's generally do not SuperMax barrage unless specing for a single target focused damage setup. Mainly bossing. Otherwise 10-20 points in barrage should suffice, with leftover points going into wyrmshot and sun strike for wyrmshot synergy.

In-game Description of Skill


Projectile - Fires a storm of arrows in all directions around you
Requires a Bow or Crossbow
Minimum required level to learn skill: 6

60% weapon Damage

First Level
48 arrows
+X bonus magic damage
Mana cost: 15

Skill Stats

Skill Level Hard Skill Points Soft Skill Points
1 (no difference)

48 arrows
Mana cost: 15


60 arrows
Mana cost: 27


75 arrows
Mana cost: 37


90 arrows
Mana cost: 50


105 arrows
Mana cost: 65

Skill calculations

Arrows: +3 per point
Bonus Magic Damage:
For mana cost: