Sun Strike icon

Sun Strike is a Weapon Damage Multiplier (WDM) attack and is the first skill available in the Amazon Bow devotion tree. It has 100% physical-to-fire damage conversion and a relatively low damage-per-second output. The use cases of Sun Strike are typically for off-screening due to it's long range, and killing enemies that are immune to everything except for fire (the fire guy at Kabraxis upgrade).

Sun Strike is also often allocated for it's synergy with wyrmshot. Supermaxing is not absolutely necessary for this purpose as a healthy 20 points will do the trick.

Sun Strike is not very useful in the early game, because Barrage almost always outshines it.

In-game Description of Skill

Sun Strike

Projectile - Shoots an arrow that leaves a scorching fire trail
Requires a Bow or Crossbow

85% Weapon Damage
Arrows Fired: 2
Converts 100% Physical Damage to Fire

First Level
+X Bonus Fire Damage to Attack
Mana Cost: 5

+1 Arrow per 3 Base Levels

Skill Stats

Skill Level Hard Skill Points Soft Skill Points
1 Arrows fired: 2

Mana cost: 5

5 Arrows fired: 3

Mana cost: 13

10 Arrows fired: 5

Mana cost: 23

15 Arrows fired: 7

Mana cost: 33

20 Arrows fired: 8

Mana cost: 43

Skill calculations

Arrows fired: 2+base level/3
For mana cost: 5+(skill level-1)*2